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What can I insure?
The insurance contract can protect company assets such as machinery, apparatus, mechanical equipment and plant of the company or individual work areas, including:

power generation machines (steam boilers, turbines, generators, engines, etc.)
machines and installations for distribution and transmission of energy (transformers, high-voltage switchboards, circuit breakers, power lines, etc.)
Working and auxiliary machines (various machine tools, pumps, compressors, paper-making machines, etc.).
It is possible to insure machines and mechanisms both under a separate contract and within a complex contract of enterprise property insurance.

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What insurance coverage should I choose?
You can conclude a seafood insurance contract on terms "against all risks" or with the indication of a certain list of insurance events for live commercial fish, including breeding stock, raised on industrial (commercial) basis:

in artificial inland freshwater reservoirs;
in sea, river and lake cages, etc.
The tariff rate depends on the list of selected risks, type of fish, age (accounting) group, method of breeding, the amount of deductible.

Why do I need insurance coverage?
Aquaculture insurance protects your farm from severe financial losses due to death (freezing), loss and/or forced slaughter of marketable fish as a result:

disease (infectious, invasive, non-contagious);
fire, explosion;
natural disaster;
failure of technological equipment, power supply systems and hydraulic structures;
Introduction of uncharacteristic for it physical, chemical or biological agents (poisoning) into the environment of the water area (pond), where fish is kept, which caused a change of the hydrochemical composition of water
forced slaughter by the order of a specialist of the veterinary service in connection with epizootic control measures or in connection with an incurable disease that precludes further use of the animal;
unlawful acts of third parties.

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What insurance coverage should I choose?
You can conclude an all-risk insurance contract or conclude a contract specifying a list of insured events for the animals and birds of your enterprise:

Paired ungulates (cattle, cattle, pigs, deer);
unmatched ungulates (farm horses, donkeys, mules)
fur-bearing animals (mink, fox, fox, nutria, sable, etc.);
birds (chickens, quail, ostriches, ducks, geese, turkeys, etc.);
other animals (sport horses, animals of rare species, etc.).
The tariff rate will depend on the list of selected risks, the type and breed of animals, the age (accounting) group of animals, the method of maintenance and the amount of the deductible.

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What insurance coverage should I choose?
The crop insurance with the state support supposes the conclusion of the contract on conditions of insurance of the certain list of the insured events for the whole area of the farm occupied with the following crops:

crop of agricultural crops (cereals, oilseeds, technical, fodder crops, melons, potatoes, vegetables);
yield and planting of perennial plantings (vineyards, fruit, berry, nut plantations, hop, tea plantations).
Insurance of crops, plantations of perennial plants and conclusion of a contract is possible:

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Cargo carrier liability insurance
Carrier liability insurance is the most reliable guarantee that you will receive compensation for the damage you have suffered.

In addition to freight forwarder's liability insurance, freight forwarder's civil liability can also be insured. After all, the freight forwarder will also have to compensate you for the value of the cargo if he gives it to random people or allows it to be destroyed.

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Insurance coverage is valid worldwide for shipments by road, rail, air, water (including sea) transport, as well as for any combination of these modes of transport (multimodal transportation).

The terms of the contract are formed based on the specifics of your freight traffic and the choice of the scope of protection against possible risks.
What can be insured?
Any kinds of goods transported by any means of transportation (automobile, rail, water, air, multimodal transportation).

Additionally the insurance of transport expenses; customs payments and other expenses related to delivery of cargoes may be included.

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Insurance of means of railway transport
Railway transport insurance allows the company to carry out activities without fear of irreparable damage or downtime, and is a guarantee of obtaining compensation for losses.

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Insurance of water transport. How does insurance coverage work?
In case of insurance case we will help to solve problems: employees of the Company will advise what to do in case of an insured event, involve a surveyor, a lawyer, a lawyer in order to minimize damage;
The personal manager will help to prepare necessary documents for insurance indemnity and will organize an independent estimation of damage;
After finding the causes of the accident and evaluation of the damage, the Company will pay out an insurance indemnity.
Contacts for contacting in case of an insured event:

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Aircraft, including the period of construction, repair, storage/storage and flights;
Certain assemblies of aircrafts installed on board;
Civil liability of air carriers and aircraft operators/owners in the performance of flights and aviation work in the interests of industries:
in case of damage to life and/or health, as well as to the property of the injured persons in the operation of the aircraft.
Liability for the operation of airports;
in case of harm to the property interests, life and health of third parties in connection with the operation of airports, ground equipment for ensuring aircraft flight, passenger, luggage, cargo and mail transportation
Health and life of flight crews, airline personnel and air passengers;
Freight in air transport;

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Travel insurance
Why do I need insurance?
Insurance abroad may be needed at the most unexpected moment: after tasting an exotic cuisine, conquering new peaks or encountering wildlife.

Don't worry, you won't have to look for help in a foreign country. Our company will take care of you.

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Why do I need insurance protection?
The activities of some organizations can greatly depend on the performance of electronic equipment. Besides damage, destruction or loss of electronic equipment as the result of fire, explosion, natural disasters, illegal acts of third parties, insurance coverage will also allow to save an enterprise from unforeseen costs, caused by special reasons, such as

power grid accidents, excessive fluctuations in the electrical grid, including cases of sudden interruption of operation;
Mistakes in operation or maintenance of insured equipment, negligence of operating personnel;
defects in materials, errors in the design, manufacture or installation of electronic equipment.

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Insurance of agricultural machinery
How does insurance protection work?
If an insured event occurs on your premises, we will help you solve the problems:
The operators of the Round-the-clock call center 770-574-8686 will tell you what to do;
Our experts will come and estimate the damage and help you to prepare the necessary documents for insurance indemnity.
What insurance coverage should I choose?
Farm equipment and machinery insurance involves a contract. The contract may be concluded on "all-risk" insurance terms or with a specific list of insured events, when your company's equipment includes

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Land plot insurance

How does insurance protection work?
If something unforeseen happens on your land, we will help you solve your problems:

24/7 operators at 770-574-8686 will tell you what to do;
Our experts will come and assess the damage and help you to prepare the necessary documents for insurance payment.
What can I insure?
You can conclude an agreement specifying a certain list of insured events, depending on the characteristics of your land plot, such as

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Liability insurance
Liability insurance will help you maintain good relations with your neighbors in case of unforeseen circumstances, especially during vacations or when renting out your apartment/home.

What kind of home insurance can I get?
A liability insurance policy will protect the financial stability of both the owner and the tenant (if the tenant has civil liability insurance), including those who are not registered at the place of residence, when operating:

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Every owner of a private country house is interested in ensuring its safety. You can minimize some risks, but it is impossible to provide complete protection of the property. Insurance is an affordable way for everyone to get a guarantee of compensation for damage to property when insured risks occur. You will restore the damage at the expense of the insurance payment, instead of your own means.

The insurance terms and conditions at Sanders Associates Insurance allow you to insure any type of structure, whether it's a country home, cottage, or vacation home/garden house. You can insure

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Apartment insurance is important for everyone who lives in an apartment, especially for those who

bought an apartment in a new building;
rent or lease an apartment;
Frequently leaves the apartment unattended - a lot of work, travels / on business trips;
not sure in the diligence/accuracy of neighbors;
And, of course, those who just want to have a guarantee of financial support in case of damage to the apartment and property in it.

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Surveys show most Americans have NO GUARANTEED LIFETIME INCOME other than social security.  And the average social security check in Georgia for 2019 was $1,500.60 per month.1   Surveys also confirm that retirees' greatest fear is outliving their money!2  


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Long-Term Care
What is the GREATEST THREAT to your FINANCIAL SECURITY?  For those in or nearing retirement, most say it is the stock market or a recession.  Some say inflation or who is in the White House.  But the GREATEST THREAT to your FINANCIAL SECURITY is none of these.  Believe it or not, your GREATEST THREAT is the threat of FAILING HEALTH! If you live long enough, a day will come when you cannot perform normal activities of daily living and cannot live alone.  If there is no spouse to take care of you, you will need HOME HEALTH CARE, or be placed in ASSISTED LIVING or NURSING HOME.

The cost of these long term care services can wipe out a lifetime of savings and assets in just a few years!  For 43 years, Randy Sanders has been helping people prepare for the GREATEST THREAT to their financial wealth.  You will SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT when you call 770.574.8686 to schedule your free InfoSession today!

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Life insurance IS NOT for the benefit of the one insured.  The death benefit is for the ONE LEFT BEHIND!  And when it takes two incomes to afford the family's lifestyle, what happens when one earner dies? The loss of one income in a two-income family or the loss of the ONLY income in a one-income family will make it hard, if not impossible, to pay the bills.  After the loss, survivors budget for the week because they are living paycheck to paycheck.

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Medicare was created in 1965 to provide health care security for our nation's seniors.  When people reach age 65, they are eligible for Medicare.  The program has two parts - Part A for inpatient care and Part B for outpatient care.  Part A is free, and in 2020 the base payment for Part B will be $144.60 per month.  These two parts provide 80% coverage - most people buy MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT to pay 20%.

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