Cargo insurance and freight carriers

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Cargo insurance

Insurance coverage is valid worldwide for shipments by road, rail, air, water (including sea) transport, as well as for any combination of these modes of transport (multimodal transportation).

The terms of the contract are formed based on the specifics of your freight traffic and the choice of the scope of protection against possible risks.
What can be insured?
Any kinds of goods transported by any means of transportation (automobile, rail, water, air, multimodal transportation).

Additionally the insurance of transport expenses; customs payments and other expenses related to delivery of cargoes may be included.

Coverage Area
The whole world, including domestic and intracity transportation. Except for the territories where military operations are conducted and the territories that are under UN sanctions.

What risks can I insure against?
Insurance coverage is provided against loss (loss), shortage, damage (deterioration) of all or part of the insured cargo. Don't pay for insurance of risks that are irrelevant to you. Choose the best set of insurance risks:

"With liability for all risks";
"With liability for named risks only";
"No liability for damage, except in the event of a wreck";
"With liability for agreed risks".
The standard terms of coverage include losses caused by fire, explosion, lightning strike, traffic accident, loading and unloading operations, natural disasters and acts of nature, theft by theft, robbery or robbery and other risks.

The insurance coverage may also additionally include:

risks of theft of all or part of the goods as a result of fraudulent acts;
war risks;
strike risks;
other risks as agreed by the parties.
Period and form of insurance contract
The contract may cover different period of insurance.

For the period from the start of loading to the end of unloading at the destination point or any other period of insurance.
The period of temporary storage of cargo before, after and between stages of transportation can be included.
Policy cost and rates
Form of contracts:

Single policy or certificate of insurance for a single shipment;
General policy (contract) in case of systematic cargo transportation under similar conditions.
The cost of the insurance policy will depend on the following factors:

set of risks;
type, cost, package and volume of transported goods;
type of transport, means of transport, route, distance and number of shipments, as well as availability of guards and absence of overloading;
use of deductibles, where small losses are borne by you.
Rates are set depending on the conditions of a particular transportation and range from 0.01% to 1% of the sum insured.

When you work under a general policy, the rates are lower than under a single policy, and depend on your cargo turnover.

Sum insured
The sum insured under the contract is set on the basis of determination of the insurable value of cargo - the actual value and additional expenses.

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