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Liability insurance

Liability insurance will help you maintain good relations with your neighbors in case of unforeseen circumstances, especially during vacations or when renting out your apartment/home.

What kind of home insurance can I get?
A liability insurance policy will protect the financial stability of both the owner and the tenant (if the tenant has civil liability insurance), including those who are not registered at the place of residence, when operating:

Apartment/room in an apartment building
Apartment building/garden cottage
Apartment in a townhouse
What risks can I insure my home against?
In civil liability insurance, the insurance company under the contract indemnifies for damages to the property, life and health of your neighbors or a third party in the operation of the insured property as a result of unintentional events, such as

fire - fire in the form of open flames or smoldering, which unintentionally occurred in a place not specifically designated for this purpose, for example, as a result of a power failure,
flooding - damage to or destruction of property as a result of accidents in water supply, sewerage systems, etc., e.g,
domestic gas explosion - damage to or destruction of the property as a result of the release of more energy in a limited volume with the formation and propagation of the shock wave, for example, in case of failure of a gas boiler
Damage caused by repair works - damage caused as a result of repair works carried out in the insured premises.
What documents should I have for obtaining a civil liability policy?
What documents should I have for obtaining the public liability insurance policy in the office?

A document, proving the identity of the Insured.
Documents, certifying the property right registration on the real estate object. One of the following documents is required:
A registration stamp in the Passport
Certificate of state registration of ownership
Extract from the Unified Register of Rights to Real Estate
Investment agreement and act of delivery and acceptance of the premises from the developer, in cases where the rights to the property are not registered as required by law
Commercial lease or rental agreement
Extract from the financial account in case of social rent of the real estate object
An application for insurance filled out together with an insurance company specialist.
For registration you will need the passport data and the address of the object.

What affects the final cost of the policy?
Type of property (apartment / room or other real estate object)
Amount of coverage (Sum insured)
Duration of the insurance contract
Existence of fire source in the apartment / house
Main material of structural elements
Whether the apartment is rented out
Whether there are any repair works during the insurance period
Year of construction

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